About Deborah Pope


My writing experience spans various formats, including newspapers, magazines, educational materials, website content, promotional materials, and books. My work comprises of both writing original copy and editing the work of others. It all began a few (“ahem”) years back ...

Upon receiving my BA (secondary English Education, Journalism) from Michigan State University, my first job as a high school teacher brought me to Texas, where I have chosen to remain. Or, maybe Texas has chosen me.

Other early work presented me the opportunity to write promotional copy for promos and commercials for KLUV-FM Radio in Dallas, Texas, where I also was occasionally asked to provide a voice for such promos and commercials. My next job – at The Art Institute of Dallas – allowed me to collaborate with my co-workers to write, photograph, and implement educational (and recruitment) presentations to high school students and their teachers, counselors, and parents.

Soon enough, Japan was calling, and for a year I made my home there, teaching English to children and adults. My teaching certification now also includes secondary ESOL. Though I continue to teach on a part-time basis (ESOL to Japanese students AND Language Arts to private school students with learning differences), I find my greatest pleasure in spending time creating and correcting text. Suffice it to say, I love messing around with the written word!

A ‘stay-at-home mom’ (albeit still hard at work) for several years when my daughter was in her elementary school years, I created a column based on the whole stay-at-home versus working mom dilemma. I penned Here A Mom, There A Mom, along with another writer (who represented the ‘working mom’ viewpoint). We both addressed the same topics in a side-by-side format, and the HAMTAM column appeared monthly in DallasChild magazine. It also made appearances in Kansas City Parent magazine and regularly in two Los Angeles-based community newspapers – the Studio City Sun and the Sherman Oaks Sun. In conjunction with the column, I produced a monthly newsletter for readers.

Concurrently, during HAMTAM’s life, I worked on regular assignments with Richardson Living magazine – for five years, dashing off feature pieces on a wide variety of topics, including education, businesses in the area (suburb of Dallas), entertainment, and recreation and lifestyle.

Having come into motherhood through the wonderful world of adoption, I thoroughly appreciate writing on the topic. I have been fortunate to have my work appear in the nationally published magazine, Adoptive Families.

Most recently, I've been focusing on both book editing and writing projects, along with a bit of educational writing (test preparation materials for 1st - 10th grades).

I happily reside in Richardson, Texas, with my husband, our teenage daughter, and two dogs. Aside from parenting, writing, and teaching, I enjoy spending time reading, canning, walking, and playing a very infrequent (though I hope for more) game of tennis.

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